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This also happened with my   Hypnosis Live Review investments. I like the idea of investing in real estate and looked for small houses and apartment buildings where I could make improvements, rent them out, and then resell them for a profit within two or three years. I did make some money this way, but the tenants always had problems and situations that I became caught up in. Again, it was an unhappy life for me. 
I found myself approaching the age of 50 three years ago. I had no savings, a meager retirement account, and owed more for my home than it was worth. I knew I had to make a change or the rest of my life would just pass me by. This is when I began to read and learn about success. I had not had the benefit of people around me who could guide me in this area, so I was learning everything for the first time. I was not sure this new way of thinking would make any difference in my own life, but I felt that I had nothing to lose. I completely changed my way of thinking, and within a few short months my life began to change drastically. 
Within a year I had sold my house, moved into a brand new home in a beautiful city twenty miles away, quit my full time job, and began doing what I enjoyed. In my case that involved writing and working on the internet. I now make three times as much as I used to, work from home, and have been invited to tell my story in cities all over the country. Every day is an adventure, and I look forward to jumping out of bed each morning and starting my day. I am also involved with several local charities, and this has become a source of great joy in my life. Financial freedom is now part of my life experience, and it can be this way for you as well. I encourage you to learn these simple ways of thinking and acting that can bring you the financial success you are looking for in your life.

"Trust your intuition" is what we are often told. We just like intuition. We would like to hear that our intuitive feelings know the right answer for everything. It has something mysterious that makes it attractive. The truth is, sometimes your intuition is right, other times it's are wrong. But why? There is a lot of confusion about these feelings, as many people try to attribute to our intuition some kind of magic hocus pokus.Intuition is a product of your subconscious brain. Your subconsciousness registers much more inputs and in a different way than your consciousness. It will relate what you see, with what you hear, feel, smell and taste with what you do and what happened before and after. And all these impressions will again be related to previous experiences in life. So much happens in your brain! It will process the information, find patterns, learn from feedback and try to optimize the responses. For instance, nobody knows how they learned to walk, play tennis or ride a bike, you just learn it without knowing exactly how. When your conscious brain tries to make a decision, your subconsciousness will give his meaning through intuitive feelings or guts. The subconscious brain is incredibly powerful, but the problem is that it will give a judgement about situations no matter if he made it based on relevant facts or not. That is why the next principle is useful:

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