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The president of an office 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance Review supply company was recently lamenting that his sales people were not operating to their potential. "Motivationally bankrupt," he said.This is a very common complaint in any area of business. However, it is usually the managers who unconsciously demotivate their employees.Sales people want to succeed in their jobs. When they sign on they're psyched to do well in the company. Even if they are experienced, they are new to you and new to your company. If you haven't made a conscious effort to show them how to do business your way, they will do it their way and probably be less effective than either of you hoped. What happens next is they become unhappy. That's strike one. You're disappointed, which shows - strike two. Then, you probably tell them what they're doing wrong and that's strike three - motivational bankruptcy.Tel21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance Reviewl your people what you want and your method to get it. Nobody knows what you think they should know. Believe this or live in frustration. Never assume they know because of experience, intelligence or whatever. Make your desires perfectly clear. Also, get over any concern that it would be insulting to them, or unnecessary.You will have to take the initiative because your employees are probably not going to ask for your expectation or how you want them to work. They foolishly think this would make them look badly to you. Therefore, pull each aside quarterly and spell it out.If your employee has a different approach, work it out together. Otherwise, even if successful, you will always be suspect, waiting for the fall, and your anxiety will come through. This causes self doubt which leads to failures and demotivation.Employees - especially when new or entering a new role - are like sponges trying to learn what to do. You can fill that sponge with good liquid or let them fill it with whatever they pick-up. Even your best people are sponges, but they are looking for new liquid to get a competitive edge.Unless a person has learned how to sell (or do) your stuff how can you expect them to know how? I hear all the time, "They are experienced." I always retort that I am an experienced golfer, but I am still a 17 handicap. Experience doesn't mean they know how to do it well, and for sure not your way.Doers need skills - skills they never learned and/or don't use. Besides, everyone can learn again or be refreshed. Employees will never accept responsibility for failure. They will always blame the company - you. So put your people through skills training. In this way you will know they actually have the tools. Additionally business is constantly changing and your people need to be updated.

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