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Trusting your intuition isn't  Becoming Limitless Review  something you learn overnight. That's because the best way to gain confidence in your intuition is to experience feedback in the form of consistent results that are a direct consequence of following your intuition. (Which of course takes time.)Intuition is a skill that's innate, but for most people it is dormant and you have to know how to activate it. It takes time to develop a relationship with your higher self and to trust it, just as it takes time to trust a stranger. How would you know if your instinct comes from your higher self or your mental conditionings, for example? However, the more results you experience, the more amazing they are, and the more consistently they occur, the faster you'll learn to trust your inner guidance.

A method that works exists, and it is reproducible. In fact, eventually you will get to a point where you trust your inner guidance, your higher self, more than anyone else around you. This is the goal. Furthermore, this method activates your spiritual awakening and helps you with finding your life purpose (your unique contribution to the world).Near the end of last year (2007), I liquidated two accounts even though I had to pay a penalty and even though a friend who knows more about the stock market than I considered it a bad idea. It turned out to be the right thing to do, as the accounts were at their peak then (besides other reasons). I had learned to trust my inner guidance (even though I was a left-brained engineer).

Although developing your intuition takes time, it doesn't have to take a lot of time. It's possible to make significant advances in as little as a month. Describing the steps to gaining confidence in your intuition and finding your life purpose is outside the scope of this article, but you can get an idea of the steps involved in the article "Alignment with the Higher Self--the Essentials for Success."For any method to be powerful, you need to learn its subtleties and details. Just touching it on a surface level is never enough, just as, when it comes to finding your life purpose, simply saying "trust your intuition" isn't enough. (At least until you become intuition-literate.)

Recently I had a stand at a Christmas Shopping event, selling scarves, bags, jewellery and books. One of the books I had on display was a book about Men's Images. This book produced a great deal of mirth amongst the women who visited my stand, all of them laughing at the idea of their man paying any attention to his own appearance. Most of these women felt that their husband or partner was a lost cause and beyond help.It crossed my mind that we can perhaps put Men into three categories, Men that care about their image, Men that pretend they do not care and Men that really do not care, but probably should!

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