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Then she Pure Forskolin Extract Review went on the FDA website where she found an "FDA Alert" warning of serious muscle damage and possible kidney failure in patients taking Crestor as well as other statin drugs.After talking to her doctor, Harriet now takes niacin instead of statin drugs for her cholesterol. Her LDH (bad) cholesterol is in the normal range at 149 and her HDL (good) cholesterol level is rising... both good indicators for the prevention of heart disease!Niacin (also called nicotinic acid) and its derivative niacinamide (also called nicotinamide or nicotinic acid amide) are the most common forms of the water-soluble vitamin B3. They're essentially identical when taken in low doses for nutritional needs, but may differ in effects when taken in high doses.One of the biggest nutritional roadblocks for many people is trying to eliminate or cut down the amount of sugary foods they eat. Some people do better by avoiding all sweets, but a lot of people develop intense cravings and are more successful over the long run when they simply limit the amount of sugary food they consume. Eating a little sugar here and there is not too bad, but if your goal is to lose fat, then even moderate amounts of sugar can significantly impede your fat loss. Fortunately there is a simple trick to help you minimize the negative effects of eating reasonable amounts of sweets.The key to limiting the damage done by chocolate and other sugary foods is eating them at the right time. In general, the earlier in the day unhealthy foods are eaten, the less negative impact there is (less is stored as fat). This happens for a couple reasons. First, your body has a better insulin response in the morning and second, you are more likely to burn off the sugar calories during your daily activities. The worst time to eat sweets is at night, because your body does not have any use for the carbohydrate and fat calories, so they will just be stored as fat.The morning is a decent time to eat sweets if you have to cheat, but there is another time that is even better. The best time to eat sugary foods is actually right after you exercise, especially following a long workout that burned a lot of calories. This is the best time because your body processes sugar and other carbs differently after workouts than it does during the rest of the day.

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