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I'll go straight to the  ?Becoming Limitless Review point with one example about why what you're passionate about may or may not lead you to what you're supposed to be doing in life: Sex. I'm not a statistician, but a number of you are going to think or state that you're passionate about sex. Now, it may be that after you answer the third question, you realize that you can provide qualified service to others as a sex therapist, Tantric teacher or counselor, etc. But for most people, feeling passionate about sex won't lead to what their life's work is for them.Third question: What am I good at that I am also passionate about?This is a question worth real consideration. Can you name three to five responses to this question? Can you see one or more common threads that weave through two or more of your responses? If a way to do this in exchange for compensation doesn't exist, are you open to creating a way? Who, specifically, besides you, would benefit if you lived your purpose?Did one or more fears spring up? Let's deal with this now. How will it feel if you live your purpose? How will it feel if you don't? Which of these feelings do you want for the rest of your life?Allow yourself to mull the third question over in your mind and heart. Also allow that once you know the answer, it will fine-tune itself over time as you continue to learn, grow, and evolve.Once you know the answer, you get an automatic Time Management Tweak because it's going to be much easier to look at how much of your time is spent doing things related to your purpose and what you give your time to that will never help you hit your target, contribute to your life purpose, or let you feel what you want to feel.Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. You may be one yourself. Procrastinators are usually trying to avoid some kind of fear or they could be in a state of overwhelm. They usually have good intentions but they don't follow through. Everyone procrastinates at some time but if you are doing it consistently you may want to look at a few solutions.As a procrastinator you may lie to yourself with statements like: "I'll feel more like doing this tomorrow." Or "I always work best under pressure." But in fact you never get the urge the next day and you don't really do your best work under pressure. You may even give yourself legitimate reasons such as "this really isn't important." Now you have permission to avoid completion.

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