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An individual with OCD will display compulsive NooCube Review behaviors which are uncontrollable urges to complete an action continuously. One of the primary displays of compulsive behavior is washing the hands a specific amount of times each hour throughout the day. Also seen quite often is the need to continuously arrange and rearrange items around the home or office until they are in perfect order or continuous counting of particular items.The individual's phobias and irrational fears are what lead to the development of their ritual behaviors. A vast majority of those diagnosed have a tremendous fear of germs therefore, to avoid contamination they will form a ritual for hand washing and/or cleaning the house. The phobias as well as the fears vary among the individuals and can include rituals such as taking a specific amount of steps to go from one room to the next and if a step is missed or an extra added, they will repeat they process until it is perfected.

Many individuals with OCD have difficulties in maintaining employment due the their behaviors interfering with arriving to work on time, for example, they will check locks, stove burners or coffee maker numerous times prior to leaving the home, but have an overwhelming thought that they forgot to check and will return home to complete the routine several times before actually be able to arrive at their destination.

Statistics show there is an estimated 2.3 percent of the population that is suffering or has at some time suffered the symptoms of OCD. The average ages are those between the age of 18 to 54 with approximately one in two hundred adults showing symptoms. Children are often afflicted with the diagnosis both from the disorder being present in their environment as well as being the sole member of the family to be diagnosed. Children diagnosed with OCD have the same characteristics as an adult; however, the primary symptoms of a child are excessive hand washing or counting steps.

Treatment is available and successful for patient's diagnoses with OCD. The primary form of treatment includes medications for equalizing the serotonin levels of the brain. The serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for anxiety and mood. When the levels fall below normal a serotonin reuptake inhibitor will be prescribed to increase the levels. Therapies include cognitive and psychotherapy. A newer approach of therapy is known as exposure and response prevention which is a behavior therapy that gradually introduces the individual into a situation such touching them with a dirty hand and preventing them from washing theirs for several minutes. The goal is to show the individual that no harm will come to them when the ritual is removed from daily activity.

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