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Laughing is good. It has both, short-term  Inteligen Review and long-term benefits on our physical, mental and emotional health. It increases productivity and helps in managing stress in a better way. It also enhances good sleep with the feeling of well-being.Laughter eliminates negative stress and induces a feeling of peace and health. It lowers our blood pressure and boosts the immune system. It can also elevate our mood. Even smiling artificially or manipulating facial expression by pushing eye-brows and lips to create a smile leads to release of positive energy.Put simply, a panic attack is the quick occurrence of intense anxiety. Most often characterized by deep feelings of fear and apprehension and accompanied by heart palpitations, shortness of breath plus a number of other symptoms including sweating and trembling.

Whilst the medical profession is not in agreement about what is the exact cause of a panic attack there are certainly several things that they do agree about that indeed play a role in bringing one about -- this includes a whole combination of factors to do with a person's biological make up, their environment, way of living and inherited traits.There are ongoing investigations in which some experts are looking at genetics to find out if they play a role in the cause of panic attacks for some sufferers. It has been shown that anxiety and these type of panic-attacks can run in families in the same way that eye and hair colour are inherited from parents. Researchers have found in many cases where they been investigating someones predisposition to anxiety or panic disorders that they have a family member who either has had a panic disorder or suffers from some other type of emotional disorders such as depression.

An additional cause of panic disorders can be brain abnormality.This is because panic disorders can change the function of certain parts of the brain. As a result of a number of recent research projects it's been suggested that panic attacks may occur in people who have psychotic disorders such as post-dramatic stress disorder and schizophrenia.They have concluded that psychotic symptoms such as these can lead to somebody having a panic attack and that these psychotic episodes may happen before the onset of specific anxiety disorders, often playing a part in post-dramatic stress as well.

Medical investigators have also come to the conclusion that as a throwback from our more primitive primitive days -- which gave us the fight or flight response -- maybe one of the causes of the onset of panic episode. This is because our bodies natural "alarm system" is made up of an involved set of physical and mental mechanisms which operate when we think are in danger. Put simply, the way these work is to put the body on high alert which has the effect of increasing heart rate and breathing so giving the body the resources it needs to either fight the danger or run away from it.However during a panic attack these emotions and feelings are triggered unnecessarily even though there is no danger.

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