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However, people who  Final Survival Plan E-book Review oppose the ideas of this phenomenon affirm that there is really no reason to believe in such stories and be threatened by the ideas associated with how to Survive 2012. Most scientists claim that there are really not enough grounds or evidences to support this hypothesis. But then, as we would expect, religious groups argue that just because man does not understand it does not mean that it cannot exist. Even if the possibility of the end of the world is less than one in a million, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot happen.

Nevertheless, as of now, we can never really tell. Many people say that the only way to Survive 2012 is to enhance our spiritual aspects; because if the stories are indeed true, we would all be gone by then, and all we would have is our inclination to the spirit world.The things that we fear today are said to have rooted from many things that were predicted thousands of years ago. But what worries us the most is that we do not know what we would truly be facing in a few years' time, and what things we can do to prepare for the arrival of the so-called "doomsday". An elaborate explanation has been presented by many historians and scientists, all focusing only on one thing: how to Survive 2012.

The many beliefs about this story have been given attention to further study the mysteries of the circumstances that might come along. Basically, the most popular among all is the one from the beliefs of the Mayan culture, with the future events predicted to align with the prophecies regarding the matter. It is said that the 21st day of December 2012 coincides with the day when the Mayan calendar ends, and it is from this coincidence where people have formulated the assumption that by that time, the earth would come to this end.

This doomsday story has also somewhat been associated with the stories about Planet X, or in some documents referred to as Nibiru. It is said that this planet will collide with our planet by the year 2012, causing total destruction of the world.On another note, people say (especially religious ones) that this may not really mean the end of the world, but the end of a chaotic era and the start of a new spiritual enlightenment for mankind. The things that would be occurring in the near future would not literally mean the disruption of the very integrity of the earth. It would only mean that momentous events that would change the world and how we perceive it would occur, but living things would still continue to exist and the integrity of the earth would be preserved.

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