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This recent "shift" towards nutritional  Fibrolief Fibromyalgia Supplement Review supplementation, coupled with the focus of renowned doctors and scientists on developing natural approaches to enhance the body's supply of glutathione; has resulted in a novel approach to neurodegenerative autoimmune diseases like MS. Why Some Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers Are Hopeful As most MS sufferers are aware, with the loss of the special insulating material, called the Myelin layer (sheath) surrounding the nerves, signal communication in the nervous system is significantly interrupted. This results in the typical debilitating symptoms that all MS sufferers endure.

At the heart of this "breakdown" is inflammation caused by the overproduction of cytokines (special immune cells) "via the upregulation of tumor necrosis factor," according to one reference. In simple terms it means that the immune system is not responding in a balanced, healthy way. Why might that be so? Well, one interesting discovery is that a reduction, or, depletion of glutathione, can adversely affect the immune system's health. In fact, glutathione has often been called "food, or, fuel, for the immune system." Additionally, according to researchers, "in the central nervous system, the brain, seems to be one of the organs most sensitive to glutathione depletion." Hence, restoring optimum glutathione levels to improve the immune system's response, is rapidly becoming a respected "complement" to convention therapy.

One disability-retired young woman in SW Georgia, Katrina P., who has suffered with MS for a number of years, added to her diet, alone with her medications, the platinum version of a well-researched and respected, whey protein isolate that is proven to raise and sustain glutathione safely and naturally. Her results, after her initial four months, were noteworthy. In fact, as she stated "I feel like I could return to full-time employment;" although, physically unable to do so.

Another MS sufferer, Teresa B., who lives in South Florida, U.S.A., stated that after just eight months on a special whey protein isolate to raise her glutathione levels, she was able to dramatically reduce her MS medications. Her symptoms of fatigue and weakness, along with resultant pain, was much reduced after ten months on the product. After a year of improving her immune system this way, she was able to, with her doctor's approval, come off all of her MS drugs and continues to do well.

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