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Finally from Day 4 Maximum Productivity Review (This is the final new task) I want you to set aside 30 minutes each day to be awake but by yourself. Fortunate people find time daily to let their brain free wheel and this is what you will be doing. As we each use only 10% of our full brain power (I'm sure you know that already) allowing your brain once a day to focus down on anything except the daily worries of work and family and money and relationships -and all that- is very powerful therapy.You can do it by lying in bed 'awake' for 30 minutes ....or sitting in a church....or sitting in a park...but you must be awake and consciously slow your brain down. It takes practice but 30 days everyday will do it ! Try to focus on any one thing, preferably a single object placed in front of you: an acorn...a wooden block. Anytime a thought or worry from your 'normal' world intrudes, push it away and get back to your object. When I have no object I simply concentrate for 30 minutes on nothing but my breathing in...out you can do the same. Once a day make yourself slow down and FEEL the difference.You will start to notice something strange happening when you begin this process: your intuition and gut feelings about situations become sharper and more accurate. One interesting discovery is that you will start to find money all over the will begin small with coins and rapidly build to you seeing notes and bills dropped in the street. I can't explain it but it always happens. Once again judge by results.From now on and for the next 26 days I want you to repeat daily all the exercises given here and record all the fortunate things that occur in your book.This "30 Day School of Good Fortune" is offered to you free because I have been so fortunate using it myself for over 20 years.I can make your customers buy from you. Whether your customers are internal (bosses, colleagues or partners) or external (customers and investors) the rules of human persuasion are universal and you can learn them. Selling is simple it is just not very easy because people insist on making the same fundamental mistakes over and over again. My experience goes back nearly 40 years and my current relationships with the World's top business and academic institutions mean that you benefit from the latest research into what works and what is fatal in the 21st Century. For selling, public speaking, presenting and negotiating this is where you learn what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Our main objective is to put more confidence into you and more money into your bank account.

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