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Why are men so difficult when they have to confront their sexual health? Men do not hesitate to take charge of established businesses and start up new ones or help our children and neighbors cope with their own crises, but when men have a sexual problem, they suddenly feel all alone and adrift without any sense of where to turn. But sexual problems have always been somehow different, not something easy to talk about because they are frankly too personal or private. If you have a sexual health problem, you should know that you are not alone.

When a man's problem is not related to the role of his penis as a passageway for urinating, but as a sexual instrument, his thinking and actions change dramatically. If his penis does not stand erect when he attempts to have sex, he does not, as a rule, automatically call his doctor for advice. This is not surprising, because men have been led that male sexual problems were not likely to be caused by real physical problems but rather were the consequence of mental factors or worse were yet an indication of his individual weakness as a male, a misguided perception that persists even today.www.sexualhealthsolutions.net

Scientist have since cast aside their own prejudices and defined the components of normal male sexuality to establish the template for sexual competence. Now, when a man's sexual function falters, doctors can look for weak links in the system. You would think that doctors, of all people, would learn this in medical school, but in reality, talk about sex has for the most part been ignored in most medical schools until quite recently. Within the past two decades, new developments have provided doctors with refreshing new insights about the causes of, and treatments for, a range of male sexual problems including impotence also defined as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and erection problems. Doctors now have a better understanding of the details of a man's sexual desires and his ability to participate in his natural sexuality. Until doctors understood the details of a man's sexual chemistry, they could offer only limited treatment.
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