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Go one step further and say "I'm sorry Mend The Marriage Review you felt that you had no recourse but to leave, let's make a decision to lay all our cards on the table before we split up ever again. That way if there is a problem like this that we can solve there won't be any need for a separation. Let's just make a decision that this will be the last time we separate, no matter what we work through our problems together can you go agree with me on that" If she agrees that no matter what she will work it out then you will have a very strong commitment on which to start over.

Some say "well what if she left me for another guy should I still give her another chance?" Or "what if she is only coming back because she couldn't find anyone else or she can't support herself?" My answer to the above is yes take her back. To me it doesn't matter why she came back if you love her. If you love a woman and don't take her back when she tries to come home I believe your doing yourself a disservice you can go around a long time and never find another relationship with a foundation as strong to build upon.

So If you love her, don't take any bodies counsel except your own, and take your woman, your comfort back into your home. If you don't love her and don't want her, then say sorry I'm not interested.In the final analysis you have to make the decision on whether you want to try again. I can tell you that my wife and I split four times and the final time we made the decision to never split again and that was 20 years ago. It was the best decision either of us ever made.

Getting married does not mean the end of wooing and romance. The period after tying the knot should actually mark the start of bigger responsibilities for both the husband and wife. This means that a couple should take steps to nurture and strengthen their relationship moving into the future.Sometimes, there are couples who tend to be complacent about their marriage that they eventually disregard the important aspects of their relationship. What happens later is they feel bored and unsatisfied with how things are going. The spark that they've experienced before getting married is no longer there.

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