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Sleep on your side, sometimes snoring is  Melatolin Plus Review caused by your airways being partially blocked by the position you are sleeping in. It is also a good idea to sleep with your head elevated, because this allows for more air to pass through your airways.If you start snoring after taking a particular medication; talk to your doctor about changing it. Some medications have snoring as a side effect, and switching medication may solve this problem. Also remember to tell your doctor if you have had snoring problems in the past as some medication can bring this back.

Lose weight; excess weight limits the amount of air passing through your airways. For some people this is the cause of their snoring. Losing weight is never easy, but it pays off in the long run. You will find that the quality of your sleeps improves which will give you more energy to make it through the day. Getting rid of those excess pounds will have a dramatic effect on how peaceful you sleep, even if you don't realize it, others will.Limit alcohol consumption before going to bed, alcohol promotes relaxation in the throat and tongue muscles. This allows for more vibration in the throat muscles which equals louder snoring. So as much as possible limit your alcohol intake to little or none for a few hours before going to bed.

Keep your nasal passage clear; some snoring is cause by a partially blocked nasal passage. If enough air is not getting through to your throat a vacuum is created, this causes the muscles in your throat to vibrate producing the distinctive snoring sound. This is one of the main causes of snoring for persons who work in an environment with a lot of dust.

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