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proteoglycans and GAGsdecreases in abundance making the skin appear and feel dryer. Since the numberof blood vessels in your skin decreases as you age, the youthful and radiantglow of your skin disappears and you look old and mature.Dermology

While all this istaking place, you cannot ignore the fact that gravity is also working to pullour skin down and causing it to sag. Eye wrinkles are characteristic signs ofskin damage and aging. Since the skin tends to heal more slowly, and minorblemishes start to develop. In addition the aging process could be exacerbatedby factors such as cold or heat, excessive exposure to sun or UV radiation,stress, and improper nutrition. All of these factors can make us look older andmaking the skin look more mature.

If you are constantlyworking under the sun, effects of photo damage can be seen by comparing theskin areas unexposed to the sun to those who are constantly exposed to the sunharmful rays. Skin exposed to rays has mottled hyper pigmentation while skinwith minimal exposure to the sun is actually clearer and paler. It is veryimportant then to protect our skin from aging by protecting it from the sun byusing anti aging creams with UV protection and the like.

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