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Let's start with the most important element - what  The Booty Pro Review you put into your body. You want to eat 5-7 times a day and be sure you're eating a well balanced meal. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats all are essential. When your focus is building muscle eat 15 to 18 times your current body weight. Make sure that 20 percent of your diet is from fats, 35 percent should come from proteins, and 45 percent from carbohydrates. Most of your meals should be from natural foods and a small portion can come from replacement shakes.

Next you want to engage your muscles and stimulate them with resistance or stress training. In order to get the muscle definition you want, you will have to lift about 3 to 4 times a week. After lifting you must allow your muscles to revive through rest and from nutritional feeding. Your muscles grow during the rest period so don't pass this phase. Repeat the series by working out once every 72 hours. Make sure to balance your workouts by doing 2 upper body and 2 lower body workouts a week.

Stretching is an important part of your workout. No matter how tempting, don't skip this phase. This is just that important - since training without stretching is a recipe for disaster. If you could see your muscles - stretching helps restore your muscle tissue. If you are training consistently and lifting weights for 4 hours, you want to commit 2 hours to stretching. You'll dramatically increase your results and diminish your injuries. In addition, there are several key benefits to stretching particularly, it increases the blood flow to your muscles which improves your circulation and actually speeds up the recovery after a muscle injury. It also increases your flexibility and range of motion. These are key factors in your bodybuilding routine that cannot be overlooked.

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