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Scientology testing is an important part of guidingĀ Numerologist Review Scientology spiritual development. The most important test is obviously the subjective test, such as how does a person feel out himself and his abilities. Is he or she thinking clearer, sharper, and does he feel he can solve problems better, and are relationships better around him.The next best test for a person on this road to spiritual development is what other people think and say. For example, when someone says you look better, what happened? That is good test of the environment against one. When people who were once antagonistic to you, now approach you for help, and obviously like to have you as company, that is another good test.

The above are perhaps the most important tests for the individual himself, for in Scientology we are trying to improve the worth of the individual in his own estimation as the primary purpose of what is being done within our ranks. But there are tests that we in our organization also need, and these tests are several. They are objective tests that tell the organization how the person is doing, in his own estimation.

A first test can be the intelligence test. This is where one has a person answer a series of questions about general problems. Most of us have done some form of this during our lives. It is a timed test, and we are interested in the test score increase of the person. Can a person solve more problems after doing some Scientology, or not. He says he can, but can he? It does not matter which IQ test that is done, that an organization uses, but obviously we have our own.

The next test we have is an aptitude test and it measures a person's ability to function on the job. It is very short.Then we have our leadership test that measures a person's ability to lead people. After that we have a tone scale test and this is the only test that was developed by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Interesting enough it is the least used test. But it is very accurate and enables the user to predict many personality traits given certain circumstances. If I were a business employer I would use this test above all else, and some do.

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