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So, what can you glean Wealth Building Made Simple Review from these examples in regards to choosing indicator variables to measure success?  First, I would work with a team of people to help choose a variable.  If the team includes someone who is a statistician or quality engineer, all the better.  Second, choose variables that have been used in similar evidence based projects.  In healthcare, many such can be found online at the American Society of Quality website or the web site.  Further, if you like, compare yourself to similar programs with similar patients or similar circumstances.  This can represent somewhat a control group.  Lastly, use the variable to measure a condition before any new approaches are used (baseline the variable) and then sample with it over a period several times to track changes.  If statistically significant changes continue, it is quite likely that the new approach is valid. One last note-you cannot prove that the new approach is directly responsible for changes without a classical statistical approach-control vs. experimental or with some other logical proof.  For instance, it was long shown that the use of tobacco was statistically significant in raising heart disease.  This was not proven, though, until the chemical process causing the diseases was understood.  The classical statistical approach couldn't be used because of ethical considerations.  It probably won't be necessary for you to try the classical approach or use a logical proof in most cases though.  Most people are fine with knowing that the program producing the changes is either directly or indirectly responsible.  Be very clear of what you really want to accomplish in your life. Without knowing exactly what you want, you will never achieve it. Most people fail to achieve what they want in their life simply because they do not know what they really want. Once you knew what you want, you can then stay 100% focus and make it come true. Believe that you can achieve it. Stop selling yourself short and don't tell yourself that it is not possible to be a millionaire or to be successful in your life. You have all the potential to make your dreams come true as long as you are willing to work on it. So believe that it is possible for you to achieve your dreams. Set a clear and specific goal with deadline and write it down on a piece of paper. Carry this paper with you no matter where you go and make sure you review your goal everyday at least twice, once after you wake up and once before you sleep. This will sink the idea of achieving your goal into your subconscious mind.

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