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Now go back into your   ?Total Money Magnetism Review???  mind and imagine standing in front of an elevator door. When the door opens, fire your anchor by squeezing your earlobe or touching your forehead. This will trigger the pleasant feelings you experienced earlier. The result will be that your subconscious mind will re-associate the opening elevator door to the new pleasant feelings rather than the fearful ones. In effect, you have reprogrammed or rewired your mind to react differently to the dreaded stimulus, in this case, elevators.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the technique. The subconscious mind is all powerful and highly suggestive by nature. That's how most traumatic and negative experiences get embedded in our subconscious in the first place, with a powerful stimulus happening in a split second. These can haunt us for a lifetime if not reprogrammed. NLP has all the tools necessary to remove these troubling experiences just as quickly as they were put there.

What exactly does covert persuasion and hypnotism have to do with each other? First of all we should start with mainstream hypnosis. That is the most common form and most of us have seen it before. This is where a volunteer or group of volunteers go on a stage and are hypnotized to think they are chickens. They cluck around on stage and it can be very funny for everyone watching. It is what most people think of when it comes to hypnosis. There is another form of hypnosis that is much more persuasive and has been outlawed from being used for advertising by businesses. This is called covert hypnosis and you have probably never heard of this.

Before we can really understand the art of covert persuasion you first need to understand the three basics of covert hypnosis strategy and the related science. There is hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming or NLP and mentalism. Each of the three goes hand in hand to produce a discreet form of persuasion. Using these techniques together they are extremely powerful and work without others knowing what is really going on. Just learning any one of these techniques is amazing, but learning all three can be life changing.

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