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While this swelling can be a sign of heart disease, it can also Fungus Destroyer indicate many other ailments including trauma, insect bites, medications and other circulatory problems such as venous stasis. Patients should try to relieve swelling by elevating the legs above the heart when possible, applying mild pressure with support stockings and possible trying a low salt diet to reduce the amount of fluid being held in the body. A podiatrist should be consulted if swelling of the feet persists, is painful or worsens.

It is also important when dealing with patients who have already had heart problems to be aware of possible implications in the foot of their medications and treatments. For example, congestive heart failure can cause swelling, but blood pressure lowering drugs often taken by heart patients can also cause swelling. Some drugs, such as Lisinopril, which is used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure has an unexpected effect in the foot. 

It can not only cause swelling in the foot but can also rarely cause cases of gout. Gout is when the breakdown products of amino acids from proteins accumulate in a joint, typically the joint at the base of the big toe. A "gouty attack" is very painful and often occurs at night with the affected joint being tender, red and swollen.It is important to always keep in mind that your foot health is a key component in having total health. Heart health and foot health are surprisingly intertwined and without healthy feet it can be difficult to achieve a healthy heart!

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