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While you are avoiding Lean Body Hacks Review that junk food mentioned above, be sure to stay far away from any foods extremely high in sugar or caffeine. You will want to eat lots of foods filled with nutrients and fiber. For example, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, oatmeal, etc. These types of foods will work to keep the insulin and blood sugar levels in your body under control, which will curb your appetite, thus causing you to eat less, and help you in your quest to losing abdominal fat. A highly stressful lifestyle may cause your body to produce the hormone known as "cortisol". This is the hormone linked to weight gain, therefore, if you find you are constantly stressed, you might try some relaxation exercises to lower your stress levels, and keep the cortisol weight gain hormone production at bay. Get plenty of sleep: When you don't get enough sleep at night you feel lethargic during the day, causing you to be less active. This lethargy can also result in snacking throughout the day causing you to gain more weight. Getting the right amount of sleep at night (i.e. at least 8 hours), is important in rising your energy level, thus keeping you active and burning calories all day long.Just know, that there IS something you can do to lose abdominal fat, you will want to keep all of the above suggestions in mind. However, if you are looking for a more specific plan for losing abdominal fat, I highly recommend the program Strip that Fat [] which is a weight loss system that will provide you with a completely customized diet plan that will allow you to eat the things you like, in a manner that will cause you to lose weight, now that is my kind of diet!Do you feel like you are addicted to food? Mealtime is here, or maybe you just finished lunch or dinner and aren't even very hungry. No matter. All of the sudden, you must have that specific food. Maybe it's chips, or a burger and fries, or it could be candy, or any empty-calorie substance that ads pass off as food. You can't think of anything else, and your being goes into resistance mode - often failing, as you scoff down the choice you know is your own undoing.To lose weight, you must gain control of your cravings. Longing for specific foods keeps you piling on excess calories, and weight loss becomes a distant dream.If there were some way you could curb your cravings for good, what would it be worth to you? You would feel liberated to think about something other than food as you showed off your stunning new weight.You must get at the root cause of food cravings to wipe them out. Wishful thinking and mustering will power simply won't do the trick. This is because your body will direct you to get what it needs to survive. If you are not meeting your body's essential requirements, or are poisoning yourself with toxic chemicals, then cravings for specific foods may become unmanageable.

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