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When you're in the wild,  Alphanation Combat Fighter Reviewthough, it's a different scenario. Without modern treatment plants in the area, the water in the ponds, rivers, and lakes may contain the same contaminants. Even sparkling mountain streams have been found to have impurities. There are just too many substances in our society that run into our water supplies no matter where they may be. Therefore, manufacturers have produced a variety of different camping filters to fit a multitude of needs. The World Health Organization says that 80% of the illnesses travelers come down with are caused by drinking the water. Why become one of these statistics when it isn't necessary?A portable water purification system can prove invaluable when you're away from home. It can change any H2O into a liquid that's safe to drink. It is also a much more efficient way to clean water without having to go to the trouble of boiling it. These systems use chemicals such as chlorine, iodine, and silver, to kill the viruses and bacteria. The difference between portable purifiers and portable filters is that purifiers will remove bacteria and viruses while filters get rid of bacteria and protezoans. The smaller the pores in the filter, the more it will remove; however, it will need to be cleaned out in order to remain effective.Kitchens are a natural place for fires to start: you are already working with open flames or very high heat. Take extra precautions to prevent fires.The number one cause of kitchen fires is unattended cooking. When cooking anything on top of the stove, or in the oven, stay with it. For long-cooking dishes, plan activities you can do in the kitchen, such as cleaning or preparing other dishes. If "kitchen activities" don't come to mind, consider reading, writing, chatting with family or friends, or even reading a story to the kids. All of these can keep you happily and productively occupied while keeping an eye on what is being cooked.Have a working smoke alarm installed where it can warn of potential fire.Keep a fire extinguisher within easy reach.Kitchens can be very active places, especially when meals are being prepared. These basic tips can increase your safety:Wear short-sleeve, close fitting clothing when cooking. Loose clothing can more easily catch fire.

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