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KeSPA and Blizzard's contention described as one after another. Years ago, and not as a contradiction greatly shot full stop, StarCraft Rights is still not certain, Korea e-Sports Association and Samsung Electronics has burned a fire: cheap rs gold the blizzard swept out all events all, WCG2011 and other relevant Race Blizzard's old school runescape does not appear. Korea e-Sports Association at Blizzard ruthless killer, this much rather Stick to your guns can not taste it, but for the entire event long before users are also given through the respective Comments: 1. StarCraft in Korea abnormal hot, very successful, This allows Blizzard Korea salivating, Blizzard wanted to control broadcast and league market, start looking for the entrance. 2. Blizzard trying to find KeSPA negotiations in order to obtain the Korean market, unsuccessful. 3. Blizzard is trying to tell KeSPA infringement, the South Korean government reportedly come forward. (Introduction of the law: as long as the parties have a genuine old school runescape disc live, you can live next line old school runescape). 4. Blizzard began the development of StarCraft 2, prepare yourself to open up the live market. 5. StarCraft 2 is still the main force of the Korean market, Blizzard tried to bypass the KeSPA, directly to OGN, MBC co-live Starcraft 2. Failure and the specific reason is unknown. (Rumor Korean government to again) 6. Blizzard targeting GomTV, became one of GSL third season sponsor, GSL prize even more than the OSL and MSL. And at the same time increasing the WOW and Warcraft 3 old school runescape. 7. KeSPA furious, most of the interstellar professional club announced: GomTV refused to participate in a competition organized. 8. The lack of professional teams involved in half of the third GSL 'successful conclusion.' The top three get a chance to go to Blizzcon, the leader because Flash schedule is full, you can not go. Allegedly because STX subject to various pressures, as the fourth-place JulyZerg final did not go into. 9. GomTV announce complete fourth season of the GSL GG Smecta, not because there is no sponsor, but because the players did not participate. 10. Korea Cheonan ESWC, Blizzard refused to let KeSPA showing the old school runescape. 11. KeSPA counterattack in Seoul e-Stars exhibition StarCraft 2: Moon vs Nada announced one hour before the old school runescape, prohibit broadcast the old school runescape. 12. Blizzard officially announced that StarCraft 2 will be canceled under the line mode IPX interconnection. On the one hand this is to prevent such a cottage companies Haofang profit. Its more important purpose is to deal with KeSPA. Blizzard provides Internet players must be in, all involved must obtain the consent of the bonus old school runescape Blizzard must have called Tournament License, which is competition license. (This is the reason ZOTAC forced to delay the old school runescape) 13. Runescape 3 and 'South Korean Ministry of Culture,' will StarCraft 2 into a 18-old school runescape ban. Specific reasons: StarCraft 2 a publicity picture and Korea Youth Protection Act Amendments latest conflict, the provisions of the Act, Runescape and 'drinking, smoking picture not contain any media in children and adolescents in contact.' And in the StarCraft 2 posters, Marines face smoking a cigarette left us with a deep impression. Thus, in Korea StarCraft 2 basic GG Smecta the. 14. StarCraft 2Beta officially launched. Korea is known as the Star of Heaven, unusually quiet.?Giants fifth anniversary of the 'journey' seven days activities! Runescape 3 and 'Heaven-hung character'!
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