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Diabetes is one condition no one  Pain Absolve RX would ever wish to experience. A lot of people fear this condition than the dreaded acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It comes with many complications that keep the patients uncomfortable if proper management is not put in place. It is more pronounced in parts of the world that has poor health facilities. One of the complications is the tendency of wounds of diabetic patients to heal slowly and poorly.Diabetics are usually advised to protect themselves particularly the feet from injury. This is because, their wounds heal very poorly. The poor wound healing also has biological causes. There are basic biological phenomena that take place before a wound heals. One of the major processes involved in wound healing is the formation of a network of fibrin across the wound surface.

With the formation of this fibrin network, the wound starts looking dry while other healing processes continue under it. Regrettably, excess sugar in the blood as seen in diabetics, prevents or breaks down the formation of this fibrin network necessary for healing. By preventing or breaking down already formed fibrin network, it makes wound healing difficult.Frequent infection (germ invading the wound) also decreases the chances of healing. It is based on this understanding that priority is given to controlling the sugar level in a diabetic patient, then making efforts to get the wound to heal quickly.

When we think of inflammation we might think of pain and the inflammatory conditions like arthritis or gout. However, inflammation and the destruction it causes can be silent, painless and go un-noticed. Inflammation is so widely linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and accelerated aging. The idea that you can take a statin drug to lower cholesterol and you will somehow be protected from heart problems is for too simplified, and in a lot of respects statin drugs cause as many problems as it is supposed to solve.Inflammation and higher levels of homeocysteine have also been linked to heart disease. Homeocysteine level is a more accurate and more important indicator to pending heart disease but is of little use to the establishment as homeocysteine levels can be reduced to safe levels with adequate amounts of the B vitamins!

Another very important fact that is well established now is for some time now, that heart disease and heart attacks rarely happen simply due to deposits of fatty plaques in our arteries. Sure arteries are active collaborators in the progress of heart disease, attracting and sheltering cells that release inflammatory substances. According to Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD, R.D, distinguished professor of nutrition at Penn State, "inflammation plays a key role in weakening arterial plaque, causing the deposits to rupture-which can lead to sudden coronary death, heart attack or stroke." These findings have also been researched and reported over the years by many.

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