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Pre-Determine Fate:Believing that 'arbitrary  6 Figure Speaker Review luck' or pre-determined fate is what guide the course of your life is a common mindset many hold. The ability to 'make your own luck' is something more people need to recognize. By doing so people will learn that being able to identify opportunities and acting upon them will enable them take control of their own destiny. Having this control thereby makes them more proactive thus allowing them to become successful in areas that they may not have otherwise considered.

Success Only Comes After Sacrifice:Having a strong 'work ethic' instilled in us from an early age leads to the thinking that nothing good comes without a considerable amount of work invested in it first. Believing this to be true it stands to reason that people will develop a bad attitude over time in relation to work. The fact is work is identified with 'labor and sacrifice' which is not normally attractive to anyone. This eventually results in a bad attitude that develops and becomes a permanent fixture in our mind. This not a mindset that will bring out our best insofar as our personal performance goes.

Work - the 4 Letter Word:Along the same lines of what we were just speaking of above it is now natural to associate work with something unpleasant. It is now entrenched in our pattern of thinking that work is a 'dreaded' activity that can not be enjoyed. This once again is not necessarily the case. Our work is what we make it to be and with a slight attitude adjustment we can learn to become more interesting thereby increasing its attractiveness.The more interest you have the better you can and will perform and the easier it will be for you. On the other hand it is also very possible to love what you do. Many have turned their passions into a career and have become successful at it. This goes back to identifying opportunities and acting upon them.

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