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You may have heard about Fibre Select Review the French Paradox as the French are known to be heavy red wine drinkers but they are also considered very thin. Indeed, many people praise some of the beneficial qualities of red wine, but you shouldn't believe that overdrinking it or any other alcoholic beverage is good for your waistlne. Wine is calorie rich. Alcohol is a substance which is caloric dense. It holds a lot of calories for each gram. While protein and carbs hold 4 calories per gram, alcohol holds 7! As you can imagine, this makes it much worse to consume while trying to lose or maintain weight. The fat burning delaying effects of alcohol should also be considered. When alcohol is present in your bloodstream, your body turns to it as the quickest source of energy. It prefers to get rid of it first and only them turn to the other kind of calories that you have stored in your body.What this creates is a delaying effect in which your body simply postpones the burning of fat until it has exhausted the calories that alcohol offers it. While you may wish to burn far, your body doesn't. While this process doesn't make you fat directly, it does so indirectly as it prevents your body from burning as much fat as it would have like to. Wine and alcohol tens to slow us down. We get mellow and sleepy and refrain from being active. This is another indirect way by which alcohol and wine makes you fat. It makes you less likely to burn calories and fat by making you less energetic.You should also note that, for the most part, wine provides you with a lot of empty calories. Red wine does have some benefits but other types of wine hold very little. So, you're getting calories but without any real nutrients to justify them. The wine calories you consume do not replace those you need to get from regular food, they are an addition to them. This means that you're eating more calories than you should have done, leading to weight gain.I'm a very good believer in that we are the food we eat, and therefore we should treat our bodies to be a temple. Therefore only allowing good foods to go in the body. I really believe this, as I do think we're the food we eat, therefore if we eat a lot of bad foods, and by bad foods I mean sweet goods like cakes and sweets, or fatty foods like crisps or French fries, than this has an effect on how we'll feel at some point. Not just on what we look in the future, but also on our mind set and energy levels on top of that.When you keehttp://p eat bad foods regularly, you can't possible hope to have a healthy mind-set or a sound body. I understand for me personally, if I have a pizza in the morning my energy level feels totally different to how I normally am. I am more sluggish, both in my overall body, and in my mind. I don't feel exactly the same. Now, I additionally believe the contrary to be true, in that, to eat a whole lot of good, natural foods, and drink plenty of water, this can enhance your mind and body.

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