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There are various reasons why a person suffers ProFlexen Review from numbness or pain in the legs or feet such as sprain or strain of the lower back due to macro-trauma or repetitive micro-trauma, misalignment of the lumbar spine that is often exacerbated by increased or decreased lumbar curvature, disc herniations, bulges, or nerve entrapments, or being overweight. All of these can cause inflammation and pain in the affected part. Inflammation of the nerves may also cause loss of sensation, weakness, tingling, and numbness of the lower extremities.

One may be surprised to know that even sneezing can cause pain or numbness to the legs or feet. The discs in the lower back supply the sensory and motor function to the lower extremities. A disc could have shifted in the past and a micro-trauma such as stumbling or sneezing can inflame the lumbar region.

Another cause can be diabetes. It is well-known that diabetes affects limbs especially the feet. Having leg or feet problems may be indications of growing complications from diabetes. This may also reflect a neurological disease that attacks the feet and the other organs as well. Other medical conditions that can affect the feet and legs are arthritis, neuromuscular diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis, pregnancy, and medications.

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