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The human body is in perfect  4 Day Thyroid Diet Review health when the body is in an alkaline state which is a ph level 7.36. According to American microbiologist and nutrition Dr. Robert O.Young, Ph.d The ph level is low due to an accumulation of waste matter in the system.Toxins accumulate in the body creating an acidic environment. Eating acid forming foods will clog up your system resulting in long term health problems. Your body gives you warnings to let you know when your body is out of balance. Graves is a symptom of something deeper.Dr. Young found when the body has a healthy alkaline balance, germs, toxins, bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus and molds aren't able to invade our bodies. Your blood is your lifeline, it brings oxygen and nutrients to your cells. It must have a ph level of 7.36 in order to continue doing its job at peak levels.

A healthy body can fight off toxins and and poisons, keeping them from settling in and causing health problems. Studies have shown that when the body has a high acidic level, these acids settle in the weakest parts of the body because they are already deteriorating and will be unable to get rid of the toxins.This gives these toxins an opportunity to create health problems. In order for you to balance your body and get your health back you need to change your diet and lifestyle.

Eliminate stress, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, sugar, tobacco, meats, diary products, processed foods and pharmaceutical drugs. These things create an acidic environment in the body.Whether you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, your doctor will prescribe medication for you. It is very important to take your medication as directed, even if you feel that it isn't working, or if you start to experience side effects. If side effects are experienced, however, you should contact your doctor so that your dosage can be adjusted correctly.

This is the main problem that people have with thyroid medication - especially with hypothyroidism medications. Your doctor diagnoses hypothyroidism with a simple blood test that measures your levels of TSH. He or she will then prescribe medication accordingly. However, your doctor has no way of knowing how your body - particularly your thyroid gland - will respond to the medication in terms of thyroid hormone production.Therefore, most doctors will start you off with a very low dosage of thyroid medication, such as Synthroid. He or she will require you to come in again in about six weeks for another blood test. When he or she receives the results of that blood test, an adjustment may be made to your medication dosage.

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