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Figuring out how to lose stomach Bowtrol Colon Cleanserfat can be difficult, especially since the stomach is one of the primary fat cell, storage areas. The stomach area has no bones, which explains why your belly can look so protruding. Plus, it is the body's favorite area to store fat cells. A proper program for how to lose stomach fat must begin with dieting. Remember that consuming a large quantity of calories and avoiding exercise are the two principle culprits responsible for excess belly fat. Alcohol consumption also plays a role with the development of stomach fat. Many people refer to this occurrence as a "beer belly." So, to start things off, watch your food, exercise a lot, and avoid alcohol.By changing the way that you eat, you will have to make note of the number of calories that you consume and the number of calories that you burn. Consuming a lower amount of calories will be very helpful to your weight loss plan. Working out on an empty stomach will also help since there are no calories to burn from food, so your body will have to switch to its reserve supply of energy, aka stored fat.

It is also important for you to change how you eat. Eating more whole grain foods is a healthy choice since people who consume whole grains along with fruits and vegetables tend to lose more belly fat than people who eat refined grains. Diets rich in whole grains can affect how your body responds to glucose and insulin and hasten the burning of visceral fat. Not all fats are bad, however. In fact, we need fat in order to survive. Studies have shown that eating a diet that has a high percentage of monounsaturated fats can prevent the accumulation of both types of stomach fat. Monounsaturated fats can be found in nuts, seeds, soybeans, chocolate, and avocados. Don't forget to include fiber as well, the soluble kind that is normally found in oats, apples, and cherries. Fiber lowers insulin levels, which can speed up the burning of visceral belly fat. Remember to add fiber to your diet slowly and gradually so that your digestive system can adjust to your diet.

Exercise is also one of the best ways to lose stomach fat, and the best way to lose it is with cardio. Cardio will burn all the fat in your body, and as stomach fat is one of the primary areas for fat storage, your stomach will one of the first places that the fat begins to disappear from. Focus on doing calorie burning exercises rather than muscle building exercises. Muscle building exercises will increase your mass and shape you without burning too much fat. So, if you want to be slim and sexy, calorie burning exercises are the best way to go at first.

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