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stiff lives that list to basically relief the lower back think it willbe stressed over nerves and the muscles and so on of your by area they get fromthe boot down to your%uh chewed to your knees so is really important for youguys to you do that so our spot right movement it's all about analyzing themovement and the center why I'm than you that this basically facts nextquestion for the gentleman with especial name hard to spot so the if the houseOrtiz about asked me that is a substitute for I am for the I apps Hankins lagswas not five I cannot do hanging lights right I do is raises and I do not thinkthat is anything that would basically replace that so to speak especially thefive on using weights you up with some weight on my feet to lift them like 225pounds I do recall back in the day in 1996 or minus southern rather I'm Istopped doing them for poor whatever reason I was only do when you know I'llcrunches and so on us like that even though the one crushes after a few weeksfour or five weeks mile or ops became like or sloppy right so now there'snothing you can sit there for that you know it's kind of a simple movement andyou Elite Test 360  have to do it won't happen or asphalts as far as I know there's nothingelse I to replace them last question for stilt’s not a question it is a props givento you by mister acts why all that denim and as you know last time asked meabout lower back pain if I'm not mistaken I suggested him to do stiff lives Ithat its he did them actually with very small weight or know what so ever andhis already Norris and the lower back being going to I it's already gone sothat’s that it gets a lot of men specially mad because Matt nationally we havea tendency to be less flexible now because our we have a lot of questions but veryquickly as I mentioned I spoke with the German was about to compete.

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