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The first is to Pocket Light Review store the water in places that you can. The best place to do this is in your refrigerator. Keep water stored in containers in this area as well as your freezer. This will help you have something to drink as well as to cool your food when the power goes out. This won't be much but will help in situations where you don't have drinking water for a few days.Whenever you know that major weather events are going to come, take containers that are in your house and fill them up. These can be simple plastic containers or even your bathtub. Also consider purchasing some rain barrels that you can use for other purposes. This can be for drinking or even cooking during these times.
Starting a fire is essential to your survival, without a fire you can't keep yourself warm, you can't cook or boil water, and you cant dry out clothes and shoes that are soaked. Having a fire is also a way to boost morale especially after a catastrophic event such as the collapse of civilization. Remember before starting a fire with any of these methods it's important to have all the available materials available. You want your logs, kindling and smaller twigs and paper beside the fire so it's easy to grab once your fire starts, you might only have one shot at doing this. You may also need to create something called a "bird's nest", simply put this is a gather of dry grass, leaves, or whatever material you can find that burns very easily and can be bundled together to look like a nest, hence the name.One way to get a fire going is with a magnifying glass. I recommend using a smaller one as this will take up less space when travelling, and many of the smaller versions come with their own protective cases built in to protect the lens from scratches. To use a magnifying glass to start a fire, first build your bird's nest using dry grass, paper, whatever you can find. Then placing the bird's nest on the ground align your magnifying glass to the sun. The glass will concentrate the sun's rays into a much smaller focal point causing that area to heat up very quickly. Once you see smoke starting gently blow on the bird's nest until you see fire, then start adding you're kindling on top

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Professional Surveyor Boards » General Surveying » How a Tarp Can Help During Disaster Situations

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