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What I call energetic fluff is a 15 Minute Manifestation barrier that hides the truth. If a parent does not want its child to know something it will energetically throw fluff in the child's space to create a barrier between the parent and child. If the parent does not want the child to hear something it will throw energy in the child's ears to create a blockage there, and so on. This "energy work" happens subconsciously. In other words, the parents may know their intentions, (IE, I don't want little Johnny to know that I am cheating on mom) but don't know the effects of their intentions on the child energetically, which later turn into physical, mental AND emotional issues.

It's not your parent's secrets and lies that hurt you. It's the fact that they don't want you to know something that does. Children are open, wild and free. To receive the message: "Don't know, see or hear" from the people who supposedly love them, is like receiving a blow. Children will not understand and it will be painful on all levels. No wonder so many children have ear infections!Within the individual, the "fluffy buffer" will stop the person from truly knowing themselves and being free. In Dana's case it is making her legs and hands numb and weak. Think about how uncomfortable it is when your feet fall asleep to move them, let alone walk. Imagine having this numbness for weeks, months or years.The big question is, "What were Dana's parents hiding?" When I asked spirit, it said her father was doing something wrong and her mother was turning a blind eye. Dana said, "My father was a doctor and he cheated on my mother with one of his patients." Boom! There it was! She even knew his secret and had been coveting it for him! Can you believe that something as simple as that could cause a physical disability? It is still mind-blowing to me sixteen years into my practice!

But the truth is, cheating is a betrayal to the ones you love. If people find out that their partners are cheating on them it can change the family dynamic. In many marriages spouses are co-dependent and unable to function alone. Or at least, that's what they fear. Therefore, great efforts are made to keep secrets and to turn a blind eye to "secrets that are known," such as, in Dana's mother's case. This pattern is what must be healed for many today.

The best way to forgive is through understanding and compassion. "We know not what we do," as it says in the bible. We know not the negative effects that we generate in this world. And because we are all learning and are all the children of God we must forgive and be forgiven in order to heal and move forward.

Dana's healing mantras are: "Bring what I don't know to my awareness. I'm not afraid to know the truth. I am open and I won't hide. I won't stuff food into my body in order to hide from my feelings and what I already know. I let go of all responsibility of my parent's lies and secrets. I am free!"

  Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 3:37:48 AM

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