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It's fascinating how the alcohol Circo2 industry always publishes these studies about every one or two years.  Some years ago, just about six weeks before the holidays, the most hilarious report came out. That's when everyone's preparing, but they don't want to feel guilty about drinking booze.  So they always put this propaganda out there because that's a good purchase time for booze.

So it's the beginning of November, and a study comes out from Denmark that says, "We have done a five-year research study that says: If you drink one scotch a day it's healthy for you; but if you drink two, it's deadly." Bless their hearts. So now we can drink away because some shlock that was willing to be bought at the right price rigged a study that somehow showed their ridiculous conclusion.

What is the organ that is first and foremost destroyed (not the only one but the primary one) by consuming alcohol? That's right, the liver. And so the twisted logic used by the alcohol industry is that if you only drink a little bit of it, you will not damage your liver, even a little bit.Oh well. Let's drink and be merry for tomorrow will be another day-to pay for our sins. Another idea from the Good Book.

Look, stop being told what to think by the alcohol industry and do some of your own research to discover how alcohol destroys the body and basically pickles your cells. You will discover that it is deadly. Pure and simple.

  Friday, April 2, 2021 at 3:25:11 AM

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