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One of these factors is breed. Paleohacks Cookbooks Currently in North America, ranchers prefer Angus cattle. This is not only because this breed of cattle matures quickly and put weight on well, but because they have a great marble and are very tender. Other breeds of cattle have great marble as well though. Most all breeds have the potential of achieving the grade of "Prime" because of new grain feeding techniques. Angus beef among most ranchers seems to be the prime pick. What a cow eats will surly affect the quality of its meat. A number of ranchers believe that feeding cow's corn makes the beef lack flavor. Some say that wheat can make meat tough. Barley is often fed to the livestock to keep it tender and taste great. Hormones are added to the majority of meat we consume. Cows are injected with a growth hormone to help them gain muscle. This is a very hot topic among some consumers, and the fight to find natural, organic beef is on. It is possible that the hormones injected into cows can cause water retention and cause bland meat.Very fresh meat is actually very tough and stringy. This is the reason that beef is aged. This is a process that tenderizes the meat and helps enhance the flavor. It used to be that beef would be hung in a cold room allowing enzymes that occur naturally to break down the fibrous muscle tissue and therefore tenderizing the meat. For a more expensive by very tasty steak, the dry aging process is used. For mass beef production it seems that meat processors opt now for wet aging. This isn't a process that improves the flavor or texture, but rather a money saving option.

Here's the dilemma. We love to eat at restaurants, but we know the ingredients aren't always the best for us, and it can get very costly. The options as I see them are to either stop eating out, forget restaurant food and cook at home, or keep eating out and suffer whatever health and financial problems may follow. Doesn't sound too great, does it? Luckily, there is a third option. The third option is to stop eating in restaurants, but make the restaurant food at home. I know...sounds intriguing, but is it worth it to make restaurant recipes at home? Obviously, my answer would be yes, of course it is. Not only will you be saving in the way of calories and fat and whatever other chemicals are added in the restaurant, but you'll also save a whole bunch of money. I'd wager that you'll save three or four times what you'd spend in a restaurant for the same amount of food. So, that only leaves us with the taste. That's the most important one, right? Is it possible to re-create restaurant recipes at home that taste like the originals? Again, the answer is definitely yes! I've made recipes from places like Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, Applebee's, IHOP, Red Lobster...even McDonald's and Popeyes! And it's absolutely amazing how close to the originals they taste. When thinking about cookies, what is the first thing to come to mind? Chocolate Chip perhaps? We think of a cookie as something sweet, round and crisp, but by definition, cookies can be anything that is a hand held, flour-based sweet cake. Cookies, or the style which we know as cookies has become, can be traced back to the 7th century A.D. At this time in Persia (that is now Iran). These were mainly luxurious cakes and pastries that are well know in the Persian Empire.

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