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This of course is the opposite of what we have Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Review  been doing in the past. We are now going to burn the fat off rather than try and starve it off which didn't work anyway. This way is so much better. For one thing you will have tons of energy and you will feel like being active - really active. Restrictive diets only lead to less of everything - less food, less energy, less activity, less of life. This way will give you so much more - more food, more energy, and more fat loss.

Push aside your old fashioned beliefs and jump on the bandwagon where we don't diet anymore. We simply crank up our metabolic engine with muscle building and maintaining exercise, fuel that with good quality food and before you can blink an eye you will be in the sort of shape you have only previously dreamed about.Many people who are overweight think that their problem is simply having too much body fat. Yet the real problem lies a lot deeper than that and must be addressed if weight is to be lost for the long term. 

The real problem is a body composition (muscle/fat ratio) issue. Your fat burning machinery has dwindled in its efficiency and ability through inactivity or simply aging to burn up the food you eat for energy.If you allow your muscle tissue to wither away by not doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity you simply are not burning the amount of calories you should be. Your metabolic engine is not firing on all cylinders, and guess where those calories are ending up? Yes, on your tummy, hips, upper legs or backside where they stack layer upon layer till your body is much larger and heavier than you would like it to be.

So, as you can see we have a problem with the health of the metabolism and that is the issue that needs fixing if you are too lose excess body fat and get your weight back down to where you will be healthier and look and feel so much better. The only way to fire up your metabolic engine and give it a boost is by toning up your muscular system. Our body is made up of 50 percent muscle tissue and any drop in its fuel (calorie) burning is going to mean an increase in fat tissue if you continue to eat the same amount of food.

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