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Food. You want to Snoran Plus Review eat enough food, and you want to eat right. Have a good breakfast in the morning to start off the day right, and eat when you're hungry. However, don't eat any substantial amount of food within 3 hours of your bedtime, as this will also negatively effect your ability to sleep.
Sleep Environment and Context. Sleep experts generally advise you not to use the bed for anything except for sleeping, and love-making. Research shows that some people that are used to bringing work and TV into their bed can sometimes get better sleep by taking those things away. It's common for people to read, write, and/or watch TV before bed. This can become routine, but it really doesn't set the right context for your body to go to sleep. But these can be hard habits to change, so you want to take it gradually. Do an experiment: try for a couple nights not reading or watching TV before bed, just use the bed for sleep.Sleep Preparation.I think it's pretty weird that not much attention is given to the act of preparing for sleep. We prepare for just about everything else in life, so why wouldn't we prepare for sleep. Before going to sleep, you want to make sure that you are actually tired and feeling drowsy before you go to bed. If you're not drowsy when you go to bed, you're probably just going to lay there for a long time without sleeping, which isn't cool.Read a boring book before bedtime. Read a boring story book, in a slow boring voice, to yourself. Leave your mouth open and just read until you just can't stop yawning! Then you know you're drowsy.How much sleep you got the night before is often a topic of conversation if you and your friends are over 50. You are not alone. The National Sleep Foundation reports that half of older adults have at least one symptom of insomnia. Whether you are up because you have to go to the bathroom, which happens more frequently as you age, or something is bothering you about your adult children or your job, interrupted sleep decreases your sleep quality and increases daytime sleepiness.Interestingly, sleep has only come into its own as an active process necessary for good health since well into the twentieth century. That is when the key discoveries about the neurological and physiological activity associated with sleep debunked this long held perspective that sleep is passive. Once science and medicine realized that sleep was an important physical and mental activity, it opened a new era in sleep research.

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