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In today's world ?Digital Formula Review of constant communications, all the fundamentals show up quickly in price action and by looking at a chart, not only do you see the news in it more importantly, you see what all the traders think of the news. In other words, the chart reflects the sentiment of the traders. When you look at a Forex chart, its not an opinion you see, it's the reality as it is. This allows you to trade non emotionally, rather than the trader who is trying to make sense of news stories!On any Forex chart you will see trends, where a currency moves for a sustained period of time in one direction and you will see many of these trends last weeks, months or even years and you simply need to learn the set ups, that allow you to lock into them and hold them.To win with Forex charts you only need a simple system - if you make it to complex it will have to many parameters to break - by keeping your Forex trading strategy simple, you keep it robust and simple straegies work best as they have fewer elements to break than complex ones and you can learn a simple strategy in just a few weeks.Anyone can learn to become a Forex trader from home and do it quickly, here we will show you how to do it and get into the elite 5% who make big regular Forex profits.The first point to keep in mind is while anyone can learn to win, keep in mind that 95% of all Forex traders lose and you have to learn the basics! Most new traders buy a junk piece of software and think they are going to get rich. for a hundred dollars or so and no effort; this is a nice fantasy but the reality is you will lose if you try this method. Now while you have to make some effort , the really good news is that Forex trading is simple to learn.You only need a simple strategy because, simple strategies work better than complex ones and are more robust. Many people make the mistake of thinking being clever is an advantage in making money in Forex but its not true; you don't get rewarded for having a college education or being bright, you get rewarded for being accruate with your trades and mnothing else.Now learning a strategy is the easy part of becoming a Forex trader, to win though; you need to be able to trade with discipline and apply your system rules. If you cannot trade your system with discipline and let your emotions get involved - you will lose. So why trading with discipline so hard for most traders?The answer is - because you are going to face periods of losses or drawdown and no one likes losing money!

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