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Unfortunately, the rules  HydraLyft   for specifying the content of a lotion are not that well-defined as they are for food-products. To separate good and healthy lotions from junk-lotions demands some special knowledge, which you will get if you follow this series of articles.All body-lotions, with or without any of the special components for, or against, tanning, contain some basic groups of ingredientThe ingredient which you pay most for (i.e. that there is most of in the lotion) is the Base ingredient. This is very often water. The cheaper the lotion the more they contain of the base and the less of any active ingredients. A majority of the lotions you can buy in your drug-store or super-market, contains over 85% water. In very cheap lotions  for a 150 ml bottle), the amount of water is often more than 90%. This is why, if you can find a lotion based on some more beneficial (for your body) ingredient, like Aloe Vera or Coconut milk, it will make a huge difference in its skin-caring effect.

The most important among all known nummular eczema treatment is first and foremost, proper skin care. Patients suffering from this aliment have hyper irritable skin. This means that their skin tend to overreact to any potential irritant, even to those which normally does not cause allergy to other people. The patient must therefore be advised to avoid anything that might cause the skin to become irritated. As much as possible, these patients must consider using skin care products that are hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin.

Aside from avoiding potential irritants, patients must also be informed that anything that causes skin to become dry can cause nummular eczema. Dry air and low humidity during the winter season may exacerbate the existing condition. As nothing can be done about it, the most reasonable way to cope with this is to limit taking a bath to just once a day and to use products with moisturizing properties. When bathing, the soap foam must not be left in contact with skin for too long. Also, the use of wash cloths and brushes must be avoided. After bathing, a thin film of emollient must be applied to the skin before it gets completely dry. Emollients have skin soothing properties, which make them helpful in the treatment of this condition

There are also some medications which are proven to be very effective treatment. They range from topical preparations such as steroid creams and ointments, to systemic drugs such as antihistamines, antibacterials, and steroids. The most commonly used topical steroids for treatment are hydrocortisone and triamcinolone. Oral antihistamine like Benadryl may be taken to relieve itching. Antibacterials are used to prevent secondary infection. Systemic eczema treatments using oral corticosteroids is reserved only for cases that are severe, or those that did not respond to conventional topical medications. Because all of these medications have side-effects, it is strongly advised to consult a dermatologist first before starting to use any of these.

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