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Christmas is in town! I am  BioLeptin Review sure you are starting prepare and for sure you want to look good during the celebration.Here are some effective weight loss tips for you to follow. You should be able to see the result in within a month if you have the consistency to carry it on.Small hanging star decorations: Put this in a bowl near the door inside your house so that if you successfully followed all the symbols, you can reward yourself by hanging one star on your Christmas tree every day.It will serve as your reward, seeing your tree full of stars. This means that you are burning off fat.Biggest Star: Place it on top of your Christmas tree once you have reached your desired weight and waistline.Running is a great cardio exercise that builds endurance, improves cardiovascular health and increases your body's metabolism. You burn calories while improving your heart and lung health.It is best to familiarize yourself with the decorations first and practice the habit every day. You may want to change the decorations for other things as the season passes.

So you want to know why alcohol is the biggest hindrance to weight loss? Well I am qualified to tell you why. I used to booze a lot and never thought that alcohol was the reason I was not losing weight even though I was exercising regularly and eating nutritious meals. Take a look at these facts not opinions:when you drink you disrupt your sleep. First of all if you drink shortly before you sleep you miss out on your ability to enter the REM stage of your sleep cycle. Also because alcohol is a diuretic you are more likely to wake up more times at night than normal to go to the toilet. It is during sleep that the body burns the most fat so less sleep will mean less fat burn't.

Junk food: We have all done it. Been out clubbing and at the end of the night due to drinking we develop a strong appetite for junk food from the take away. This type of food is high in saturated fat.Alcohol slows down metabolism: When you drink alcohol it puts fat burning of food on halt. The body will have to burn the alcohol calories first before it can then burn the food calories.Alcohol wastes muscle mass. Have you seen the bodies of alcoholics. They are very skinny in their arms and legs but have a lot of fat in their abdomens. This is because alcohol wastes muscle making it shrink and muscle is metabolically active than fat. What I mean is that if you have more muscle mass than fat mass your body will be a better fat burning machine.Laziness: The next day after a drinking session you normally suffer hangover symptoms and are in no mood for any exercise routine. Thus probably skipping your gym routine altogether, postponing it till another day when you feel more alive and energetic.

We all love going to restaurants and eating out. It may be with family, friends, colleagues from the office, romantic partners or with business partners. In order to enjoy a meal, it is important to be relaxed and completely stress free. And this is especially important if you are eating out while on a diet plan to lose weight.

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