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Harvested from the rain-forests Green Barley Plus of South America, Acai is argued to not only help supplement a carbohydrate diet but deliver anti-oxidant, cancer, cardiovascular health, inflammation, and phtochemical health benefits all essential for reducing hunger, burning fat, increasing longevity, reducing blood pressure and insulin levels along with a whole host of other attributes. There is a lack of fast weight loss how-to guides out there that put emphasis on good, proper eating habits. Most of the diets or slimming programs nowadays only focus on fads and unproven medical research that places importance in appearance and numbers, but not the real root problem. To achieve fast weight loss, it is important to understand that your body is not designed to withstand long-term calorie loss or unbalanced diet. Weight loss programs such as Atkins Diet and low-carb diets omit a certain food group such as carbohydrate in order to prevent fat build-up. However this only leads to an unbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle as generally your body still needs carbohydrate to function properly. Excess protein will cause a lot of diseases such as kidney stones. A low-carb diet, on the other hand, will only backfire as users undergo cycles of hunger that make them crave more and eat to fill their stomachs.

Therefore, the solution should include proper food selection as well as portion control. Not only does what you eat determine your body fat, but how you eat it will also decide how your body uses the energy digested from the food. Consume more complex carbohydrate that comes from whole grain source and omit white refined bread and flour completely. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits too. These complex carbohydrate are more difficult to digest and they release glucose slowly into the blood, preventing insulin from spiking and dropping too fast and causing hunger pangsPortion control should also be incorporated. Controlling the amount you eat is important to ensure that you get enough calories to fuel your body while at the same time not exceeding your daily requirement. For best results, break down your meals to 6 or more smaller portions and eat them over the course of the day. This ensures your body gets enough energy while keeping you full and also prevents hunger.Because of desperation and the desire to reduce weight quickly, many people often resort to diet pills without any careful evaluation done on the product. There are medications that are effective to some, but not all. When opting for taking some type of diet pill, it is very important that one understands the side effects involved before any action is made.

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