Diabetic Nerve Pain 

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Let's look at what's happening Diabetes Freedom inside our body as the glucose from the broken carbohydrates enters our blood stream. The pancreas produces insulin to lower down blood glucose to its normal level and releases them from the blood stream to supply energy to the whole body. But if the pancreas malfunctions and produce inappropriate amount of insulin, glucose will be toxic to the body. If not controlled, it could affect the organs and the body will slowly breakdown

Therefore it is very important for a diabetic to daily monitor the level of sugar in the blood as a basis for its management. And using a blood sugar chart is the best method to monitor this blood sugar level. At the same time, one has to recognize high blood sugar symptoms before the body gets into a shock state. One of the most common high blood sugar symptoms is that at night there is an increase in urinary frequency. This results to a feeling of thirst, and thus making lips and mouth dry and so diabetic drinks frequently. Furthermore, a diabetic tend to sweat a lot.

Glucose is necessary to energize the body. If the blood streams will not have enough glucose, muscles and fats are broken down as a compensatory mechanism of the body. Thus the body frequently feels tired and sleepy. Thus severe weight loss is the most evident but dangerous high blood sugar symptoms.

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