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Muscles may get bigger, but PhysioTru because they are toned; meaning that fats are burned faster during rest or active periods. Weight training can help to enlarge the capacity of the cardiovascular function. Many prefer this aerobic type of training, as heart disease is known to be man's #1 killer. It has been suggested that a strong and healthy heart and strong lungs lower our chances of contracting heart diseases; cardiovascular training in the form of aerobic exercises can do just that. These exercises certainly burn a lot of calories and shed some weight off us, which satisfies many, especially those who are busy. Many may run for ½ hour every day if disciplined in order to achieve the objective. Combination of both The best of both worlds offers a higher result as you attempt both the exercises in less time for greater effects. The key to this method is to perform the exercises with greater intensity to achieve that same result, or better, in a shorter time frame because of the greater effort put in. Low intensity workouts may burn some calories, but not enough to see a great difference; they take more time, which in turn may discourage you from continuing if you lack discipline or are hard pressed for time. Intense weight lifting can burn more fats in less time. This is extremely useful information when you are busy, but need to keep in shape.

Hence for busy people who want to keep in good shape and health, an intense training program that does not take up too much time is ideal. An intense weight lifting of ½ hour followed by an intense cardio workout for ½ hour are sufficient to achieve that good health and body shape a couple of times a week instead of the daily ½ hour low intensity exercise program. Not many can endure the required intensity; they prefer the less demanding workout routines. If you are really serious about your health and shape, you need to make it work with a little more effort, which gives good payoffs. Have that goal in mind for motivation!The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids cannot be denied. It is certain that those who incorporate these essential fatty acids into their diet are aiding in their own heart protection as well as lowering the risk of heart attack, reducing their risk of stroke, and even helping to keep body weight in check. In addition, healthy omega 3 fatty acid slows the buildup of atherosclerotic plaques (hardening of the arteries) and lowers blood pressure. Besides these benefits, adequate amounts of omega-3s are also linked to brain health, joint health, support of muscle building, memory, and learning support, reduction of inflammation, anti-aging, balance of blood sugar, healthy immune system, skin health, and much more. Clearly the intake of adequate amounts of healthy omega-3 fat is critical to maintaining good health, but can vegans get adequate amounts of this essential fat? The simple answer to this question is a resounding "yes."

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