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If you are interested in opening up to guidance from  7 Minute Mindfulness Review the angelic realm, Celestite is the perfect stone to use. As its name implies, it is closely tied to the celestial.The best way to use this crystal is in meditation. Place it near you or in your hand, and quiet your mind. Focus on your breath until you are able to still yourself and become completely calm, like still water. If you are comfortable with writing, you may want to have a pen and journal nearby. I find that many times the angelic realm will speak to me through my pen.

Here is an example of one of my sessions using Celestite in a meditation:Holding this stone, I ask for some guidance from the angels, and this is what happens. The first thing I hear is music, tone and harmony, like violin strings or bells. I ask for words, since I am not sure what the music is trying to say. The stone I am holding lets me know I am connected with the angel Seraphina. Her spirit is the keeper of this particular stone.

She is a joyful angel and seems to connect with laughter, the kind that wells up from deep inside and explodes with glee. She tells me that this laughter is one of the most healing things for those of us in human bodies. The sound of laughter - high and free - is very close to the sound I first heard when I picked up the stone. There is nothing that can't be transformed with humor which comes from a high vibration of Love. Not humor at someone elses' expense, but the humor of understanding the Other, of being in the other's shoes. The more time you can spend in laughter, she tells me, the closer you will be to the Divine. Within the Divine essence, there is only love and joy.

The crystal Celestite will connect you to your own angels, and sharpen or focus the connection so that information can come through. When you need assistance, work with the stone in meditation for a moment, then write down your immediate thoughts, without really thinking about them. Ask a specific question of the angels, and then just let your hand move across the page (or the keys if you would rather, type).

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