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So even if you don't feel Up N Go Energy hungry, having a nutritious breakfast within an hour of rising - with protein - will provide not only energetic benefits to your metabolism but the coritisol levels will last throughout the day.By timing your meals you can prevent dramatic dips in blood sugar, which will minimize cortisol output and will free up you adrenals to perform their function and give you sustained energy throughout the day. Life becomes more enjoyable when we have the energy we need.

We also need to think about what you eat. Most people with adrenal problems, will reach for foods that give them an instant burst of energy - foods like cookies, cakes, doughnuts, white bread or pasta. These foods contain refined sugar and flour, they are high in carbs (which is really just long chains of sugar molecules) that break down and allow a great surge of energy, but generally the surge is followed by an even greater dip in energy, causing you to feel worse.

Another problem with high-carb foods like these is that they often contain gluten, a protein that is found in many grains (including wheat, rye and barley, and oats) and frequently used as a food additive, too. Many people with adrenal fatigue are sensitive to gluten. For this reason, a gluten-free diet should be tried. Often people will report feeling much better when they get the gluten out of their diets.

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