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In the end, it isn't Power of Clarity Review because we're not good enough the way we are... because in most cases we are. There are always things we can do to better ourselves, fix ourselves, or improve our lives. That however, is a far cry from not being good enough the way we are. So, again... why are they telling us that we aren't good enough?What most people fail to realize is that it actually has nothing to do with who we are, what we are, or even what we could be. It actually all comes down to one simple thing... to make money. More specifically, they are doing it to make money at your expense. Not out of any misguided attempts to better your life or improve your situation. It's all done to exploit your fear, your misery, your insecurity, and your overall sense of worthlessness in your own life.The people that are marketing and selling the products know full well how to exploit you to make you buy their products. They know that if they present that you are not good enough, while in their ads show that the people there are good enough... then you will basically sell your soul to be "Just Like Them!" What everybody fails to understand is that these people aren't better off. They are simply paid actors who are pretending to be better off.If you were given the opportunity to explore the lives of those people you see in the ads, then you would quickly realize that their lives aren't any different from yours. They have bosses that they have to answer to, they have the same ups and downs in relationships, the same issues over money, and even the same issues over not being good enough. The only difference between them and you is that they were paid to act a certain way it that commercial... That's it!So then how come we buy into this stuff? Why do we sell ourselves out for what in the end equates to nothing? Why are we so quick to go out and buy all of these products that in the end are actually being used to hurt our lives... not help improve them?The answer to these questions are basically the same... because we won't allow ourselves to be smart enough to know better, and because we truly don't think we ARE good enough the way we are. The problem is that this is indicative of a much bigger and deeper problem that we are ignoring. The fact that advertisers can exploit this weakness within us to make us buy stuff we don't even need, shows us that there is something with in us that needs to be fixed.

  Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 11:38:00 PM

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