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How many times have you tried to lose  ProBioslim Review weight in the last year? Maybe you've tried to encourage weight loss before summer beach season or right after the holidays? Or maybe you have tried three or four times to achieve weight loss? Don't give up! Many studies say that achieving a goal is not hard if you keep trying and that is true. Did you know Edison tried over 1,000 times before he was able to create the light bulb? Even if you have dieted a 1000 times it is important not to give up on your dream of being a healthy weight for your body type.

The important thing to remember is your own body type. Not everyone is cut out to weigh 95 pounds and be a size two. Some people are naturally a size 12 and some even a size 14. The questions to ask are if you feel good in your body, what does your doctor say to you about your weight and how do you feel about your looks when you check yourself out in the mirror? Everyone can achieve weight loss however it is important to set realistic goals and if you fall off the wagon into a trough of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream well then pick yourself up and begin again. Studies show that successful achievers are willing to learn from their mistakes and to being again. Don't add insult to injury by overeating all day long if you have a transgression, simply review what triggered your overeating and try to plan ahead for similar circumstances.

Many people find it impossible to stick to a diet and consistently fail to lose the weight they know they need to. Many keep trying all the new dieting ideas that come on the market hoping that one of them will work for them. But the miracle still does not happen. It has been estimated that 95 percent of diets fail and the reason for this is the human body has been engineered for survival in harsh conditions and the minute it senses a shortage of food it goes in its 'protective mode' and holds on to every scrap of fat it can.

One of the biggest mistakes in dieting is cutting calories way too low. You should never starve yourself as this is never going to work. The World Health Organization states that a starvation diet is 1800 calories a day for women and 2200 for men. Yet people the world over are trying to diet on way less calories than that. We know this now yet diet programs are still being pumped out with calorie levels way below these figures. You will never win working against the systems that the human body has had in place since ancient times. 

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