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Now let's compare this to the Asian model, especially Thai Massage. In Thailand nobody has to fill out intake forms, nobody sues Buriram Best Massage Parlor therapists, no therapist has to comply with scientific demands, massage therapists or other natural healers can diagnose conditions to the extent of their knowledge, and they can treat such conditions to the extent of their abilities. If what they do is not working, the clients can of course try their luck elsewhere, like in a doctor's office. Or they can do both.

No Thai massage therapist has to explain scientifically what exactly their therapy is doing. No client expects that either. The therapists don't know anything about the science behind it since the entire model of Asian natural medicine is not based as much on anatomy, physiology and science as on invisible energy flow and energy lines that cannot be seen by the eye, a microscope, or detected in a test tube. But the energy can be felt by experienced therapists, and it can be altered by Thai massage treatments.

From my vantage point of living in Thailand, I know from personal experience that Thai massage can and does improve many conditions. Some of those cannot be improved by medical science. After all, a stiff neck is surely better treated by massage therapy than by chemical muscle relaxants. And stress, a leading cause of so many diseases is treated more effectively by massage than by chemicals.
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