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The condition of your skin reflects  hydrolift Review the condition of your body. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it is exposed to a daily attack from pollutants in the atmosphere, from harsh cleaning chemicals and damage from the sun's rays. Does it really make sense to compound that effect by polluting the skin from the inside by smoking? As western culture becomes more focused on looks and the appearance of the skin, the devastating effects of smoking on skin condition are becoming more of an issue. Stopping the natural rejuvenation of the skin and flooding the bloodstream with free radicals that have been linked to a host of cancers, illnesses and debilitating conditions is a sure way of not only running the risk of a life-threatening disease, but also making you look and feel older than your true age. When you look at it like that, it really doesn't make sense to smoke, does it?

To date, it is estimated that many consumer products you buy contain paraben in some form. For skincare products, parabens are mostly used as added ingredients to facial moisturizers.Manufacturers love paraben because it could ensure a longer shelf life of products. This is because the preservative could effectively inhibit unlikely growth of harmful bacteria, mold, and yeast. If paraben is beneficial to profit-yearning manufacturers, it is posing significant health risks to consumers.Skincare products, particularly facial moisturizers should not contain paraben in any form. Be reminded that up to 60% of every skincare product you apply to your skin could go deep down and enter the blood stream. Absorption of the synthetic preservative could pose life-threatening dangers. Recent studies have found that parabens could cause breast cancer. This is because the chemical could mimic the structure of female hormone estrogen.

A study conducted by Dr. S Oishi of Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health's Department of Toxicology found that exposure to butyl paraben of newborn male mammals could adversely affect testosterone secretion and alter the normal function of the animals' male reproductive system. The study was published in July 2002 by the Archives of Toxicology. Many other similar research efforts have proven the risks parabens bring to overall health.

Most skincare manufacturers these days are aware that many consumers go for paraben free facial moisturizers and skin products. As a consumer, you should beware of how manufacturers use the terms 'organic' and 'natural' in their product labels. These words do not guarantee that the skincare product is free of any form of paraben. To overcome this risk, read product labels carefully. Do not be misled by enticing front product labels. Parabens are usually listed in very small letters at the ingredients section of products that contain them.

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