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One of the good things secondary training  Vert Shock Review achieves is bringing all the workers up to speed so they're all on the same page. It doesn't help to have multiple workers at different levels of training due simply to the fact that individuals with the least amount will be the most ill equipped to perform working at height tasks. But by bringing all workers together every six months for secondary training, you are ensuring that all workers are kept equally abreast of industry changes and new regulations.

Business owners have two basic options for providing secondary training: in-house or third party. In-house training is provided by company officials whose primary goal is just that. In-house training is typically provided by larger companies who have the financial resources to hire their own full-time safety training staff. In most cases however, the training is provided by a third-party organization such as a height safety manufacturer or qualified organisation.

Regardless of whether or not training is in-house or provided by a third-party, those who actually provide the instruction need to be competent themselves. This requires that they are fully trained and certified as well. Companies who decide to go the third-party route have an obligation to make sure the company they choose is a reputable one with a proven history of success. To do otherwise would be to jeopardize the health and safety of your workers.

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