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It is so easy to know when someone is Lottery Winner University Review bluffing. It is not necessarily evident on the look of your opponent's eyes if they are bluffing or not. Eyes may be the windows to the soul but it's only true for amateur poker players. It is in the way in which they act that clearly says if they are bluffing or not. Intimidating, loud and cheeky behaviors are often used as defense mechanisms. It is utilized to cover up a player that is quite unsure of his hand and needs to compensate. On the contrary, players with the winning hand are usually the ones who exude less confidence, shakes their head and sigh. 

Abrupt movements on the table should also be observed around the table since this often happens to players with a strong hand. They can't resist the urge.What you do with your shoulders also gives other players a clue on what you're holding in your hand. Don't let your shoulders drop when you missed your hand. More importantly, don't let it tense when you have a weak hand. If you've spotted your card, don't let your shoulders give you away. Avoid staring at your Aces or Kings. If you have seasoned opponents, they already know that you are in for the win.

Keep your body language discreet. Sigh after, and not during, the game. Try not to breathe too heavily since it can be a sign that you are getting excited or becoming restless. If what you have in your hand is a probable winning streak, don't strike up a conversation with everyone in the table. You'll seem too confident. A poker pro will spot that easily. People who have a good hand and can't wait until their turn usually has a shaky hand, so watch out for yours. If you've been caught bluffing once, don't use the same tactic the next time. Your next game may not be with the same opponents but poker players talk.

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