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Another procedure  ?Lutazene Review??? that uses the laser technology is the LASIK procedure. In this process, it is the laser who reshapes the cornea to correct the patient's eyesight. Cataract laser surgery is one of the safest and the most effective way of removing cataract. It is also the most commonly used procedure to create a clearer vision.It is a widely performed procedure in removing secondary eye cataracts. There has been a clearance for performing cataract laser surgeries though the process is limited to creating an opening within the capsule of the eye, allowing the light to pass through it, resulting in clearer eyesight. At some point, there is a possibility that the regular cataract surgery is soon to be replaced with a laser cataract surgery.Cataract is one of the eye defects that can be easily treated. The type of procedure used and the intensity of the treatment greatly depend on the type of cataract, and the extent to which the cataract infected the capsule of the eye. The laser treatment for cataract is commonly used among highly industrialized countries like the USA.However, since only less than 1/3 of those who have cataract are subjected to laser treatments, the most well-known surgery is still the manual removal of the cataract directly from the infected part out of the body. Hopefully, the common use of laser surgery to remove cataract will surface in the years to come.One of the ways to treat eye cataract is trough the process known as the Macular Degeneration Surgery. It is one type of laser surgery applied to easy remove cataract vessels within the eye. This surgery uses laser beams to destroy the leaky blood vessels found away from the inner central part of the macula.Macular Degeneration Surgery is more effective if the fragile vessels formulate outside the fovea (inner macula). There are generally two types of macular degeneration. The wet and the dry macular degeneration and the procedure for each of the types differ. 

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